Monday, October 29, 2012

Dear Harry Styles,

you know what you make me want to punch a kitten i mean im emotionally unstable like seriously im crying now im sobbing omg im just like dead please go to your boyfriend and snog the fuck out of him make a sextape i dont care gdshfgwsgyjgs just do it little things is to perf for life i hate you go die actua;ly dont your to perf bby just argggg this is so fruestrating be you with your fucking perf hair and smile and sexy voice i cant even umfff just fall of the face of the earth i take that back dont im just annoyed at this stupid fucking hurricane yes im swedish but i moved to the us like two weeks ago and this ‘hurricane sandy’ has to fuck up my life omg im such a retard kbjcbjdhgudh okay bye beforre i hurt myself okay im dead I HOPE YOUR HAPPY WTH UR DISITION I MEAN AAAHHHH YOU FUCKTARD GO DIE IN A HOLE OKAY NOOO DONT FORGET WHAT I SAID ARGG WHY DID LITTLE THINGS HAVE TO COME OUT WHEN IM ON MY PERIOD TMI OKAY.

love jessie


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